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Aletheia Shin

Posted –  October 19, 2013

 Last Friday, over 50 cups were made at the Cup-A-Thon event at Baltimore Clayworks!  People of all ages came to the free workshop from all over Baltimore and enjoyed drinks and snacks while creating cups in clay.  Kristin Ruff, a high school biology teacher made a cup with a spectacular design inspired by DNA. “This nerd hopes to be here a lot more in the future. “ Another participant stated, “All this for a good cause and for free! This is a really great way to spend a evening.”

 Once fired, the cups will go on sale at the Community Arts Gallery. All sales will go towards supporting the Community Arts Program at Baltimore Clayworks. We deeply thank all participants for their contribution.

 Our next Cup-A-Thon event will be on Tuesday, February 18th from 4PM to 6PM at Zeta Center for Healthy and Active Aging.  This workshop is free and open to participants of all ages and abilities.  We hope you will join us!

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